1 - What is the cost of membership?

Our memberships start at £19.99/month on a 12 month contract, we also provide no contract memberships at £24.99/month. 

2 - How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, drop an us an email on salford@multifit.co.uk and we will process it for you. All memberships require a one month written notice prior to cancellation. Please do not cancel your direct debit with your bank as this might cause you to incur further charges.

3 - Can I access the gym multiple times a day?

Yes, you can use the gym as many times as you wish. We however have a system where your pin won’t work for 6 hours after it’s used once. In case you need to use the facility consecutively within 6 hours you can press the buzzer at the bottom of the door and a member of staff will let you in.

4 - My Access pin is not working, what do I do?

You can approach a member of staff or drop us an email and this will be resolved for you

5 - Are classes inclusive in my membership?

Yes! You will have access to our entire timetable with over 250 classes a month inclusive in your membership

6 - How do I book my place in a class?

You can book a class by downloading our ‘Multifit’ app on the App Store and logging into it using your credentials 

7 - I can’t find my login details for the app?

You will receive your login details in a welcome email as soon as you sign up

8 - How do I address an issue or complaint?

Member experience is at the forefront of our values, any issue can be directly addressed to the manager or can be sent across in writing to our email and it will be addressed at the earliest

9 - I prefer not lifting weights, is this gym for me? 

We aim to cater to people from all walks of life, our facility comes equipped with a wide variety of cardio equipment which includes treadmills, assault bikes, rowers, skiers and spin bikes. We also conduct a wide variety of classes which focuses on cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

10 - I have never trained before, how can I get started?

After signing up we provide you with an option to book an induction where you’re familiarised with the facility and how to use the equipment. You can also book onto a kickstarter pack where you will have an initial 15 min consultation session after which you will receive a 1 hr PT session, a healthy eating plan and a workout program.

11 - How much does a PT charge?

Our PT’s run independent businesses, to enquire about session rates you can get in touch directly with a PT of your choice on our coach section.

12 - Can I view the facility before joining?

Yes absolutely! You can book a free trial on our homepage, once you sign up, you will gain access to the facility for 3 consecutive days starting immediately. I f you have any queries you can directly contact the manager or drop us email.